Why Us

Firm History

1943Established as Zine-Letourneau
1971Clarence Letourneau left Firm

Robert Hoover joined Firm

Office changed name to Zine, Hoover & Wiedeman
1974Rober Wiedeman joined Firm
1978Dave Brakey joined Firm

Rick Lee joined Firm
1980Nick Voller joined Firm

Robert Wiedeman left Firm

Office changed name to Zine, Hoover & Voller
1987Mike Steffan joined Firm

Wes Stillwell, CPA merged
1991Robert Hoover retired
1994Mike Steffan left Firm
1997John Suess, CPA joined Firm
1998Office moved to 222 University Ave

Changed name to Voller, Brakey, Lee, Steffan, Stillwell & Suess, CPA
2003Nick Lee joined Firm
2005Dave Brakey retired
2006Heidi Lee joined Firm
2007Wes Stillwell retired

Office Changed Name to Voller, Lee, Suess & Associates, CPA
2012Merged with Eide Bailly, LLP

Office moved to 210 University Ave
2013Jerad Suess joined Firm

Nick Voller retired
2016Rick Lee retired

John Suess retired
2017Separated to form Lee Suess, LLC