Why Us

Mission & Culture

Our Mission

The mission of Lee Suess LLC is to give our clients the tightly-knit community feeling while also having the resources to reach out to other national experts.

We have the knowledge and insights to uncover opportunities and the commitment to see them through.

Our firm is a legacy, maintained by the dedication required to earn clients' trust and create lifelong relationships.
It goes back to the founding member’s philosophy: Blending the past and future to serve you TODAY.

Integrity is at the foundation of our business, and we want to uphold the reputation of the profession as honest and reliable experts. We hold ourselves accountable to both our clients and the community, while never abandoning our moral and ethical principles.

We combine decades of experience in order to facilitate an environment that produces quality products, outstanding client relationships, and extraordinary staff members.

We will help you navigate through the constantly changing tax compliance process and keep you up-to-date on the potential impacts on you or your business. 

Through our relationships we will earn your trust and show you that we are honest, ethical, hard-working people who will do our best work for our clients. You can be confident that we will always go the extra mile.

Our Culture

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that life’s a balancing act.” - Dr. Seuss

At Lee Suess, our partners genuinely care about the staff and understand the importance of a flexible work-life balance. 

This is your career, and we are committed to helping you grow as a professional. In addition, we uphold our responsibility to our clients, coworkers, schedules, and community. 

We have more to offer at this local firm than you’d think! Being a local office, our diversified clients require us to develop a variety of skills, due to the number of industries served.

Integrity is at the foundation of our business, and we want to uphold the reputation of the profession as honest, ethical and reliable experts. 

We want to earn your loyalty by providing a great work environment and provide you with valuable resources that will help you learn and grow as a professional. 

Live for today, not tomorrow, and strive for more than yesterday.

With our large array of clients, we promise to make everyone a priority. We will create an environment where all are involved, and where people are people, not numbers – even though we really like numbers!